Friday, August 25, 2006

On the Head of a Pin by Mary Beth Miller

I was a little reluctant to read this one because it sounded like such a dark book. Five teens gathered in a cabin after a party - three drunk boys downstairs, one boy and one girl upstairs. And one gun. The time is terrible - the gun goes off, and the girl is dead.
On the Head of a Pin is the story of the aftermath. The shooting is covered up, the unconscious boyfriend drugged and forced to forget what he knows. When the crime is discovered, it will destroy the lives of each of the boys in very different ways.
I was right - this one is dark, and haunting. Michael, the confused and lost boyfriend, is the most touching character, and one who stayed with me even after finishing the book. The writing isn't as strong as it should be - Miller stumbles in a few scenes - but Michael's character is true and helps carry the book through the rough patches.
I booktalked this one to freshmen this morning and got great responses from several freshmen boys.

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