Wednesday, March 15, 2006

This was a fun little book - just what I needed after the darkness of Winter's Bone. The cover alone is enough to make you smile, and the story is even better.
DJ (aka Dairy Queen) spends most of her spare time working on the family farm in Red Bend, Wisconsin. Her father's hip injury makes it impossible for him to do much, her mother is working two jobs, and her two older brothers are playing college football - and want nothing to do with the farm. She had to quit basketball to keep up with the work, which doesn't make her too happy - but she does it anyway, because she's a Schwenk and that's what Schwenks do. But she's even less happy when a new farm hand shows up. Brian Nelson is the quarterback for the Hawley football team, Red Bend's archrivals. And he's a lazy whiner.
But DJ and Brian hit it off, and DJ finds herself training Brian for the new football season. It's a situation she never imagined, but it gives birth to an even more unlikely dream - one DJ will have to fight to make come true.
Read this one when it comes out.

Murdock, Catherine Gilbert. Dairy Queen. New York: Houghton Mifflin, 2006. ISBN 0618683070 $16.00

What I'm Reading: Fruits Basket #1 & Thessaly: Witch for Hire
On My Bookshelf: Black Juice by Margo Lanagan


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