Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Mysteries

I love stories that draw on Celtic mythology for inspiration, bringing the present world together with the world of fairy. In The Mysteries, Lisa Tuttle is inspired by a Celtic story of a kidnapping, a lost love, and the fairy world.
Ian Kennedy is a private detective that specializes in finding missing people. He's not optimistic about his new case - a young woman who has been missing for over two years - but her mother is determined and he needs the money. But the case of Peregrine Lensky is different from most cases Ian has solved - this one is reminiscent of his first, most mysterious case.
There are several clues to Peri's disappearance, but they all add up to something otherworldly. Who is Midar, the seductive man Peri met the evening she disappeared? What role did Peri's boyfriend play in her disappearance - can the fantastical tale he tells really be true? Ian finds he can't rely on reason to find Peri Lensky; he must delve deep into the folklore of Scotland and the world underground if he's to locate the girl and bring her home.
Inspired by the story of Midar & Etain, Tuttle skillfully incorporates modern mystery & romance with the misty world of mythology and fairy to create a fascinating detective tale.

Tuttle, Lisa. The Mysteries.

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On My Book Shelf: The Silver Bough by Lisa Tuttle


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